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Introduction to the top row of back cover photos 

1. Tissue culture work to increase the diversity and amount of tourist food varieties.

2. Training on Biotechnology in extended food for tourist guests. 

3. Organic eggs are a favorite food of fast-moving tourists, an appetite suppressant, nutritious and refreshing.

4. Shrimp processed with turmeric powder and heat. Tradition in preservation [Species unidentified]. 

5. Fast processable, nutritious, and delicious tomato (S.N: Solanum lycopersicum); a favorite of tourists.

6. Vulnerable 'Agnishwar banana variety, which is very popular among tourists. [S.N: Musa sp.]

7. Demonstration of salt cultivation methods associated with educative tourism.

8. A temporary work-free sight of "Sampan' boats on the bank of the "Reju Canal" in Coxs Bazar.

9. The appealing food portion of sprouted coconut.

Introduction to the bottom row of back cover photos

1. One horse, two kids! In Coxs Bazar, it costs about 20 cents to ride a horse (S.N: Equus ferus caballus).

2. Quad bikes on the beach.

3. Snail oyster trade, but more use of conservation ethics is needed [Species unidentified].

4. The main attraction of Coxs Bazar landmark tourism is beach-time spending.

5. Life is beautiful in the sight of mountain springst Himchhari National Park, Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh. 

6. The longest marine drive in the world (proposed Chattogram- CoxsBazar).

7. Heavy engineering to protect the beach of CoxsBazar, Bangladesh.

8. Domination of Coral stone in "Saint Martin's Beach, CoxsBazar, Bangladesh.

9. Beautiful nature of Gorakghata of Maheshkhali, Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh.

Abbreviation: S.N=Scientific Name

[The authors own all intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and photo credits)

"One World, One Promise!
We Create A Society of Equality!!"
"এক পৃথিবী এক প্রত্যয়!

 গড়ি বৈষম্যহীন সমাজ!!"

Front cover leading theme photo: Uncovering, the greatness of nature towards the sunset at twilight in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh. [Photo: Ratul Rahman]

Top twin-flower of the cover: Beach health indicator Species "Beach Morning Glory" Scientifie name: Ipomoea pes-caprae; Family: Convolvulaceae.

Introduction to the front cover's bottom row photos

1. The main entrance to the Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute (BORI ).

2. Beach umbrella suitable for three hours of joy by a group of tourists at the cost of just one US dollar.

3. Fishing life in excellent service for tourist guests; “Sugandha point. " CoxsBazar, Bangladesh. 

4. Entertainment companion "Crested Tern" (Paanchil/ পানচিল S.N: Thalasseus sp.) on the "Saint Martin island" marine ride!

5. Exploration of Mustard' (S.N: Brassica sp.) field, related to environmental sustainability.

6. The traditional type of metallic 'Semai-pitha' machine, inspiring to a distinguished culinary art! 

7. Drying of raw rubber sheets (from Para Rubber, S.N: Hevea brasiliensis) at a rubber factory in Ramu, CoxsBazar, Bangladesh.

8. Super Yummy 'Hilsa fish' (S.No Tenualosa ilisha) is a geographical indicator, national fish of the country.

9. The flower of the Cotton tree (Shimul / শিমুল - Bombax ceiba) is a significant tourism attraction.

[The authors own all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and photo credits. ]

date: 2023.06.26

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[ Short biographies of three writers (bilingual) ]

[ তিনজন লেখকের সংক্ষিপ্ত জীবনী (দ্বিভাষিক) ]

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[ Short biographies of three contributors (bilingual) ]

[ তিনজন অবদানকারীর সংক্ষিপ্ত জীবনী (দ্বিভাষিক) ]

Biography Ver 2023 of the Six Directors for Google Document Circulation.01.pdf

date: 2023.06.26

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